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 LMR Studio’s mission is to shape spaces with bespoke, yet affordable, online interior design packages. We are dedicated to designing spaces that bring our client’s personal style and design aspirations to life. Our online design packages are aimed at increasing access to exceptional interiors by allowing our client’s to explore their options from the comfort of their living room.

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Laura Rodgers is a multi-disciplinary interior designer who has been working and studying within the industry for almost a decade. With a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design, Laura has worked globally as a freelance interior designer and property stylist in Melbourne, Los Angeles and the South of France.


She has the ability to work across both luxurious and economic budgets, from her experience with multimillion dollar celebrity homes, as well as smaller scale projects. She particularly prides herself on her organization and time management skills and believes this is crucial in making sure a project runs smoothly from start to finish.


Throughout her career she has learnt how to listen to clients and produce a scheme that reflects their individual needs and style. Her greatest asset is her ability for critical thinking and wholistic design development.


As a designer her objective is to always balance functionality and beauty, enhancing the way a person experiences a space. 


This philosophy infuses her approach to each project. She carefully considers the client and their daily rituals to inform every aspect of the interior design. She sees a home as having the power to change how you live and most importantly, how you feel.

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